Country of Malta receives the George Cross Medal

The country of Malta received the British Civilian Medal: George Cross, on April 15th 1942, by King George VI. Malta, a member of the British Commonwealth at time, received this medal in honour of their resistance to German aerial attacks during World War II.

      April 15th 1942
      King George VI
      King of Britain

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One thought on “Country of Malta receives the George Cross Medal

  1. Jessie C Lucek says:

    My father Joseph Gauci recounted to the family here in the US, all the stories of bombardments to his mother’s house – ten times a day….They were all saved by staying in the deep caves.
    It was imperative that the Germans take Malta because they were stuck in Northern Africa with no supplies. Rommell was the General of the German High Command in Africa.
    However they never succeeded to take Malta and the Germans lost that important front.
    Not too many people left that can recounter events of that war….I pray we never have another.

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