Ducks Domesticated

Wild Mallard Ducks were being domesticated in China as far back as the 1st Century (Over 2000 years ago).

      1 CE
      Wild Mallard Ducks

Additional Information:

  • Domestic duck – Wikipedia
    Domesticated ducks are ducks that are raised for meat, eggs and down. Many ducks are also kept for show, as pets, or for their ornamental value. Almost all varieties of domesticated duck are descended from the mallard (Anas platyrhynchos), apart from the Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata).
  • Where Did It All Begin? | About Ducks | Ducks | Guide | Omlet UK
    Nearly all the breeds of ducks that are common today can trace their origins to the wild Mallard, Anas Platyrhynchos. The name comes from the Latin anas (a duck) and a combination of two Greek words, platus (broad) and rhynchos (bill).
  • Domesticated Ducks – AvianWeb
    Domesticated ducks are kept for meat, eggs and down. Many ducks are also kept for show, as pets or for their ornamental value. The life expectancy of domestic ducks kept as pets is 8 to 12 years.
  • Origin and domestication history of Peking ducks deltermined through …
    In order to elucidate the domestication history of Peking ducks, 190 blood samples from six Chinese indigenous duck breeds were collected with 186 individuals genotyped by 15 microsatellite markers.
  • Mallard, Life History, All About Birds – Cornell Lab of Ornithology
    If someone at a park is feeding bread to ducks, chances are there are Mallards in the fray. Perhaps the most familiar of all ducks, Mallards occur throughout North America and Eurasia in ponds and parks as well as wilder wetlands and estuaries.
  • Domestic Ducks – Duck Research Laboratory – (via the Wayback Machine)
    From ancient times domestic ducks have served as a source of food and income for people in many parts of the world. Ducks are a source of meat, eggs and down-feathers (for making bedding and warm jackets). Ducks are able to subsist and grow to maturity on relatively simple diets, based on locally available feedstuffs.
  • Ducks in the Historical Period – World History
    Southeast Asia is claimed to have been a major center of duck domestication (Zeuner 1963; Wood-Gush 1964), especially southern China, where the birds were kept during the Earlier Han Dynasty (206 B. C. to A. D. 220).

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