An Aboriginal Woman becomes Ambassador to Arctic Region

Mary May Simon, Inuit Activist, was appointed Canada’s first Ambassador of Circumpolar Affairs, on October 31st, 1994. And as such, her tasks were to create awareness of the issues of Northern Aboriginals and to create solutions for the social, economic, and ecological issues facing the Inuit (Eskimo) People. Countries involved in these tasks were Canada, USA (Alaska), Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, all of which have Arctic People.

For More Information:

  • Mary Simon – Wikipedia
    Mary J. May Simon, OC OQ (Inuktitut: Ningiukadluk, born 1947 in Kangirsualuujuaq, Nunavik, Northern Québec) is a former Canadian diplomat and current fellow with the Arctic Institute of North America.
  • Indspire | Ambassador Mary May Simon
    There are many forgotten people in this world. The fortunate ones find a leader to champion their cause. The Inuit found one such champion in Mary May Simon. She has worked incessantly to provide a national and international voice for Inuit concerns.
  • Native Leaders of Canada – Mary May Simon – New Federation House
    She has held a number of positions with the Inuit Tapirisat of Canada, and served as a Board member from 1991 to 1994. In 1997, she was appointed to the Joint Public Advisory Committee of the Commission on Environmental Cooperation, a side agreement to NAFTA, and was later elected Chair.
  • After four decades leading the Inuit people, Mary Simon steps down
    The woman who heads the organization representing Canada’s 55,000 Inuit will let someone else lead her people into their future.
      October 31st 1994
      Mary May Simon,
      Ambassador of Circumpolar Affairs
      Canada, USA (Alaska), Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark

Mary May Simon

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