Halftone photo of Prince Arthur in Canadian Illustrated News

The first issue of Canadian Illustrated News featured a halftone photograph of Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Arthur on October 30th 1869. The halftone reproduction process was an invention of two Canadian inventors by the name of George Edouard Desbarts and William Augustus Leggo.

Halftone photo of Prince Arthur in Canadian Illustrated News

      October 30th 1869
      George Edouard Desbarts
      William Augustus Leggo

For More Information:

  • Canadian Illustrated News, 1869-1883 – Library and Archives Canada
    The Canadian Illustrated News database is a selection of almost 4,000 images of people, places and events across Canada and around the world taken from the popular weekly 19th-century magazine.
  • A picture and a thousand words | Toronto Star
    This front page from the inaugural issue of the Canadian Illustrated News , published Oct. 30, 1869, was almost certainly the first halftone reproduction. It was a photograph by William Notman of Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Arthur.
  • Desbarats illustrated Canada | The Kingston Whig-Standard
    George-Edouard Desbarats really knew how to make a lasting impression. “The imagination is so closely linked to the perceptive faculties, that the speediest and surest way of reaching the mind and impressing thereon facts and objects, is to lay them vividly before the eye…,” wrote Desbarats in his newspaper.

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