Stadium with a retractable roof constructed in Canada

The Skydome (Now called Rogers Centre) was the first stadium with a retractable roof, located in the downtown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, home to the Toronto Blue Jays and right next door to the CN Tower. The Skydome opened its doors on June 3rd, 1989. It’s steel retractable roof has three moveable panels, one of which can rotate 180 degrees, while the other two telescope straight forward and back. These panels move along a system of steel tracks and 76 Bogies, each powered by a 10 horsepower motor

Other interesting facts about Skydome:

  • Panels move at a rate of 22 meters per minute and takes about 10 minutes to open or close the dome.
  • Roof spans 8 acres (3 hectares).
  • At its highest point, 282 feet (86 meters) from the field floor.
  • When dome is closed the Skydome contains a volume of 56.5 million cubic feet, or 1.6 million cubic meters.
  • Seating for 58,000 Blue Jay fans.
  • Skydome also has an in house hotel, restaurants, and a retail mall.
  • The funding to build the Skydome was by a consortium of 28 companies, Metro Toronto and the province of Ontario.

For More Information:

      June 3rd 1989
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      $500 million
      674 feet
      Steel, plastic
      Ellis-Don Limited

Skydome and CN Tower

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