Kenichi Fukui, first Asian to receive Nobel Prize in Chemistry

First Asian presented the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was in 1981

Kenichi Fukui of Kyoto University, Japan, shared his Nobel Prize in Chemistry with American chemist Roald Hoffman.

Quote: “for their theories, developed independently, concerning the course of chemical reactions,” specifically, the role of orbital bonds in organic chemistry.”

Additional Information:

  • Kenichi Fukui: Biographical
    I was born the eldest of three sons of Ryokichi Fukui, a foreign trade merchant and factory manager, and Chie Fukui, in Nara, Japan, on October 4, 1918. In my high school years, chemistry was not my favourite subject, but the most decisive occurrence in my educational career came when my father asked the advice of Professor Gen-itsu Kita of Kyoto Imperial University concerning the course I should take.
  • Kenichi Fukui: Facts
    In chemical reactions, molecules composed of atoms meet and form new compounds. Electrons orbiting around the atoms’ nuclei play an important role here.
  • Kenichi Fukui: Nobel Lecture (via the Wayback Machine) – PDF
    Since the 3rd century for more than a thousand years chemistry has been thought of as a complicated, hard-to-predict science. Efforts to improve even a part of its unpredictable character are said to have born fruit first of all in the success of the “electronic theory”.
  • Kenichi Fukui: Banquet Speech
    Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Ladies and Gentlemen. I have the privilege to speak on behalf of Professor Roald Hoffmann and myself and to express first of all our deepest gratitude for the high honour and warm hospitality that have been given us on this occasion.
  • Roald Hoffmann: Biographical
    I came to a happy Jewish family in dark days in Europe. On July 18, 1937 I was born to Clara (née Rosen) and Hillel Safran in Zloczow, Poland. This town, typical of the Pale of the Settlement, was part of Austria-Hungary when my parents were born. It was Poland in my time and is part of the Soviet Union now.
  • Roald Hoffmann: Facts
    Roald Hoffmann was born into a Jewish family in Złoczów, Poland (now Ukraine). His father Hillel Safran was a civil engineer and his mother Clara Hillel a teacher.
  • Roald Hoffmann: Nobel Lecture (via the Wayback Machine) – PDF
    R. B. Woodward, a supreme patterner of chaos, was one of my teachers. I dedicate this lecture to him, for it is our collaboration on orbital symmetry conservation, the electronic factors which govern the course of chemical reactions, which is recognized by half of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
  • Roald Hoffmann: Banquet Speech
    Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Fellow Laureates, Ladies and Gentlemen. Students of Stockholm, Students of all Sweden! I salute you for all that you represent: For your youth, your beauty and your strength – symbolic of mankind’s constant renewal!
  • Kenichi Fukui – Wikipedia
    Kenichi Fukui (福井 謙一 Fukui Ken’ichi, October 4, 1918 – January 9, 1998) was a Japanese chemist,[2] known as the first Asian scientist to receive a chemistry Nobel Prize.
  • Obituary: Professor Kenichi Fukui | The Independent
    Kenichi Fukui, chemist: born Nara, Japan 4 October 1918; Lecturer, Kyoto University 1943-45, Assistant Professor 1945-51, Professor 1951-82; Nobel Prize in Chemistry (with Roald Hoffmann) 1981; President, Kyoto Institute of Technology 1982- 88; Director, Institute for Fundamental Chemistry, Kyoto 1988-98; married 1947 Tomoe Horie (one son, one daughter); died Kyoto, Japan 9 January 1998.
  • Kenichi Fukui facts, information, pictures | articles …
    Kenichi Fukui (1918-1998) was a theoretical chemist whose career was devoted to explaining the nature of chemical reactions. His work was distinguished from that of other chemists by its mathematical structure.
  • Kenichi Fukui Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline
    Kenichi Fukui was a Japanese theoretical chemist. He was the joint recipient of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, research work, achievements and timeline.
      December 10th 1981
      Kenichi Fukui
      Kyoto, Japan

Kenichi Fukui


      October 4, 1918, Ikoma District, Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan
      January 9, 1998, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

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