Christopher Columbus saved by an eclipse

In 1503 during his fourth voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus and his men were stranded for months on the island of Santo Domingo (now Hispaniola, divided between Haiti and the Dominican Republic) due to the shipped being disabled by shipworms. The locals were not happy about Christopher Columbus and his men on there Island and were going to attack them. But Columbus being a better educated man forestall the attack. He had a plan and an almanac, written by the Spanish Jewish astronomer Abraham Zacuto, that contained astronomical tables from which he was able Calculate the time of an event that would be amazing to locals. So on February 29th 1504, Columbus invited the tribal chiefs to attend a nighttime meeting on the beach at Santa Gloria Bay, where he promised that any attack on them would be avenged by God. Columbus asked the chiefs as proof to look to the moon, and it disappeared. The locals agreed not to attack, but instead would assist Columbus and his men. Unknown to the locals the moon did not actually disappear, it was eclipse by the earth’s shadow.

      February 29th 1504
      Christopher Columbus
      Santo Domingo

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