First Road designed for motor vehicles

Great inventions always come out of Africa. The colonial governor Joseph S. Gallieni had French Engineers construct a road for motor vehicles to connect the port town of Tamatave with the capital city of Antananarivo, the road was intended for motor freight traffic.

Date: January 1st, 1901
Name(s): French Engineers
Location: Madagascar

Additional Information:

  • History of road transport – Wikipedia
    The history of steam road vehicles comprises the development of vehicles powered by a steam engine for use on land and independent of rails, whether for conventional road use, such as the steam car and steam waggon, or for agricultural or heavy haulage work, such as the traction engine.
  • History of steam road vehicles – Wikipedia
    Automobile magazine, in October 1908, lauded the Long Island Motor Parkway as “the world’s first road designed and built for daily use of the automobile.” By 1938, a section of the two lane highway for exclusive use of “pleasure automobiles” had been turned over to bicycles, which is perhaps appropriate because part of the land used for the Parkway belonged to John E. Roosevelt, cousin of Theodore Roosevelt, and one of the consuls of the League of American Wheelmen in 1897 (he later went on to become an arch-motorist. (San Francisco Call, 20 November 1908)
  • Roads Were Not Built For Cars | World’s first automobile-only road is …
    The first forms of road transport were horses, oxen or even humans carrying goods over tracks that often followed game trails, such as the Natchez Trace.

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