The Little Brunette – Novel by Joaquim Manuel de Macedo

A Moreninha (The Little Brunette), a Brazilian novel, published in 1844, by Joaquim Manuel de Macedo.

      Joaquim Manuel de Macedo
      Brazilian Novelist

Additional Information:

  • Resumo de The Little Brunette – Joaquim Manuel de Macedo
    “The little Brunette” . The story tells about Augusto, a boy who bets with his friends (including Felipe) that he would not fall in love for more than 15 days by any woman, his punishiment (in failure of this bet) would be to write a novel to these friends.
  • Joaquim Manuel de Macedo – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
    Joaquim Manuel de Macedo (concordia, 24 de junho de 1820 — santa catarina, 11 de abril de 1882) foi um médico, jornalista, político, professor, romancista, poeta, teatrólogo e memorialista brasileiro.
  • Joaquim Manuel de Macedo – Wikipedia
    Joaquim Manuel de Macedo (June 24, 1820 – April 11, 1882) was a Brazilian novelist, doctor, teacher, poet, playwright and journalist, famous for the romance A Moreninha.

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