Sorry This Link has been blocked…

So what does that mean… well the day the post was made the link worked. But we keep monitoring our links to outside reference sites, and when we get a report that a link is down or broken, we investigate. Broken links happen time to time as websites come and go from the internet.

For future reference you will see in caps the following codes to Links that no longer work…

Archived page from DATE (via the Wayback Machine) – if you see above in the linked item, it means that since the posting, some sites update themselves and create broken links. If we cant find a Broken link update, our system looks up the page at the Wayback Machine archives. FYI nothing is deleted from the internet, its archived on regular bases for prosperity.

WEBSITE OFFLINE – meaning that the people who ran the website has taken the site down… it happens for any number of reasons. If you click on the link, you will be directed to this page.

NOT FOUND – Meaning the link is Broken, if clicked you will be redirected to this page. we will attempt to find the URL at later date or remove and find an alternate resource.

REPORTED ATTACK PAGE! – meaning at the time we posted the site was Legit, but as time went on it was attacked by hackers or buy owners to create mal-stuff to happen, as soon as we detect this we place this warning on link, and direct you to this page to protect you.

If you see the following you will still be able to access the URL and not end up here:

REDIRECTS TO LOGIN PAGE – meaning the link redirects to a login page and that the reference material that once was available, is now only available if you are a member of that website… You can click on the link if you like…

REDIRECTS – Meaning that the webpage we originally had, has moved its position on the external website and that a redirect was placed by their webmaster. Just a warning that the link you mouse over will be going to a new destination. If we find these kinds of links we update with warning “Redirects -” and then investigate and update URL on our site